1643 The Founding of the Village of Hempstead

Hempstead Village, established in 1643, is the oldest English settlement in Long Island’s Nassau County and the county’s first political core. Diverse from its inception, the village’s historic scenery includes stately Hempstead Town Hall, elegant St. George’s Episcopal Church, and the white spires of the United Methodist Church of Hempstead and Christ’s First Presbyterian Church.


Hempstead’s network of founding families established an enduring community from which other communities were spawned. Its central location made it the go-to destination for early travelers; its renowned Sammis Tavern hosted President George Washington during his 1790 trip across Long Island. In the late 1800s, Hempstead’s transport accessibility and lovely scenery lured the fabulously rich to build estates and summer homes within and surrounding its borders.


By 1910, Hempstead had become a retail and banking center, and by 1920, it was known as “The Hub.” Today, Hempstead embraces a population that reflects the growth and change occurring throughout our nation.

It's Hempstead Village's 375th Anniversary! 

In 2018, The Incorporated Village of Hempstead will celebrate the 375th anniversary of its founding. Mayor Don Ryan would like everyone in the Village to celebrate this historic occasion, and is inviting residents, businesses and community organizations to become participants in the various events scheduled throughout the year.

Boy Scouts having a mock court proceeding in the village hall courtroom during the mid-1950s.

Current Mayor 2018: Don Ryan

St. George’s Episcopal Church at 319 Front Street in very late 1904 shows the transition of old to new: power lines stretching from pole to pole, carrying electricity and telegraph wires, while parishioners arrive for services in horse-drawn vehicles.

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